Friday, January 5, 2007

Microsoft's Coup d’état of My Living Room

OK, I don't think I am typically paranoid, but after the latest Windows Vista release with the Windows media center, I am beginning to see the well laid designs that Microsoft has on my living space.

Let me give some reasons why...

1.) Microsoft has become the major player in designing the OS and software for the IPTV set top boxes. Very few other companies have made the inroads that MS has made over the last couple of years in this area.

2.) IPTV will be the future method of video delivery no matter what broadband service is used.

3.) The number of deals made by Microsoft to push their IPTV solution has been going on for years...
and my favorite the Swisstel "Bluwin" service not to be confused with the "Blue Screen" we all knew in previous MS OS versions

(these are only a few)

4.) The XBox which contains a "Media Center Extender". Wow! How convenient another outlet that allows me to use a Microsoft product.

5.) Vista! Yet another way I can use Microsoft's media center.

Once you put all these together you have the video, gaming, computing, communications, and Internet all potentially managed by one version or another of a Microsoft product. As they say where I am from, that is "purty smart".

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