Friday, June 22, 2007

Commoditizing Web Services

After a discussion with Collabnet sales today, I reached an often reoccurring realization of the power of web services. Collabnet, who is trying to sell their version-control services to large and small enterprises around the globe, hosts Subversion version control servers and also manages the process around tracking enhancements, defects, etc. All of these services can be run from the Collabnet servers. No mess for our company, no need to hire people to manage servers, the service is up as long as we pay the bills. Awesome...

Many companies spend money to hire, train, and retain people to manage apps internally. Why? Why would a company spend the time and effort to build up their own in-house expertise when for much smaller amounts they can just get a domain setup on a service providers website often within minutes.

This is the future. When I can buy version control services for a small amount every month and be up and running within minutes of signing up, we are reaching the point where each service is as ubiquitous and easier than say getting your water turned on at the county water department. Google desktop,, Collabnet, and many others know this. I believe the rest of the world is catching on.

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