Monday, October 8, 2007

Java NetBeans 6 Beta Preview

I have been using Java IDE NetBeans 6 Beta on Java 5 for a week or two now. This release is a definite improvement over the 5.X NetBeans. Here's a list of some of the new features that I ran into...

  • Highlights - Yay!
  • Ruby / Rails support - This includes a rails engine embedded in the full release. Project templates are created quickly and run from the IDE.
  • Swing GUI development - Uses the new Java Desktop Application project template.
  • Application profiling.
  • Better JavaScript support.
  • AJAX enabled Java Server Faces (JSF) components - Includes Project Woodstock component library.
  • Graphical Java WSDL editors
  • And my favorite - it seems less buggy! I was able to import J2EE projects without all of the issues I would experience in NetBeans 5.X. No code obfuscation!
For a full list of features added to NetBeans look here...

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