Monday, November 26, 2007

Software Configuration Management for the Rest of Us

I just recently brain dumped my views on software configuration management on This site lays down the groundwork for creating an effective software configuration management strategy for your small to large company. The site attempts to address some trends that seem to be occurring over the last couple of years.

In a nutshell those trends that I see occurring are...

1.) The role of software configuration manager and java or C++ developer are becoming more blurred, and many companies are choosing to hire developers that manage both software and the company's software configuration needs.

2.) Companies large and small are shying away from the big monolithic one size fits all software configuration management applications and choosing cheaper more agile solutions.

3.) Open source alternatives are becoming more competitive with the big software configuration management companies, and in many shops are taking over.

4.) Many companies are realizing that automation is the key to a successful development environment and that good software configuration management is playing a key role.

Here is the web site. Enjoy!

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