Monday, February 2, 2009

EasyB and Easiness

John Brothers visited the ATL2G (Atlanta Groovy/Grails User Group) last Wedesday and gave us the details of his new Grails application named "Easiness". Easiness is a Grails application that wraps the new behavior driven design (BDD) framework EasyB.

EasyB, "the best thing since sliced bread", is a domain specific language (DSL) that imitates natural English, and allows analysts to create complex test cases via Stories and Scenarios. Syntax details can be found on the Easyb website

Here's an example of an easy to read test case...

scenario "customers should receive discounts", {
given "a shopping cart with 3 items"
when "a user checks out"
then "they should receive a 10% discount"

Easiness is a web framework written in Grails that provides a web interface to create and edit Stories and Scenarios. Easiness provides authentication for company intranets and also allows users to execute test cases from the web front end.

Slides of the presentation can be found here.

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